Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake

It's a large map but small land area. =]
WA/Amb/LN/Gen/Pets/SHT used in the making.
77 lots- 36 res/41 com
11 families- 37 Sims
Spawners from all available expansions used.
Uploaded on the The Sims 3 Exchange =]
Download Here

A hidden lake high in the Mountains. Sweet water, cool breezes, and an Asylum on a hill.... How will it affect the little town now that the Insane Sims are free? Will havoc rule the day? A Populated world I built to play the Asylum Challenge ~and it grew from there. All necessary Career lots including, 4 clubs, SHT venues, and Pet Store. There are 76 lots including Legacy priced lots, 22 prebuilt house, a few starters, one apartment- several empty lots.  



  1. i love love love this world!!!! I think it would be perfect for supernatural...:] Would you be so kind as to tell me if you'll be making a SN world?? :D I just love your stuff. <3

  2. Hi, R-Mac =]
    I don't have any plans on making a world for SN. I've kind of drifted off TS3 into other things. :D
    Thanks so much for the comment- it's awesome to know others like my worlds! =D

  3. Your worlds are truly amazing, very nice :) I wish I was good as you are at using CAW! I was wondering if you take any request...? I know it takes so much time and efforts... but I was just asking :)

  4. Hi, Anna =]
    I do sometimes take requests. It always depends on the world and if I think I can make it.
    Thanks for such a sweet comment. =D

  5. Wow i just love this! unfortunantly i dont have LN pets or showtime though :( would i still be able to grab it an just tweak a little?

  6. Hi, Cinderella_Rockerfeller =]
    I don't think it will work at all. The Showtime, LN, and Pets items will cause several problems.
    I'm glad you like it thought. =D

  7. I think this world might be crashing my game. I've had a super-stable experience since I got a new PC laptop to play the game, but twice now Mountain Lake has crashed. I intelligently deleted (*facepalm*) the scripterror and .mdmp files, but if you're interested in me loading it up and crashing again just let me know. It's such a beautiful world, and I loved the way the asylum inmates rampaged everywhere, but the world simply doesn't like my game. :(

    1. Hi, Alexandra =]

      Oh, No! I am so sorry to hear this. :(
      It's the first I've heard of any problems with the world. I'll be sure to test it first thing this weekend.
      I will take it you have mods and CC- and that you've cleaned out your DCBackup/World Cache folder and cache files, too. =[